C.a.p. ppm-3 co2 controller manual

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Range 0 - 1999 S/cm Resolution-1 S/cm Accuracy - 2% full scale Calibration - Manual 1 point Electrode - Replaceable MA73075Temp.

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Compensation - Automatic 0 - 50CBattery Life - 250 hours of continuous use Battery Type 3 x 1.5VEnvironment 0 - 50C / 100% RHUse these testers for either cup-style or dip-style measurements.

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For cup style, pour a small amount of your sample directly into the sensor cup until it overflows; for dip style, simply immerse tester tip into sample.

LiveCell 3 Users Guide - Pathology Devices

Valox housing and stainless steel electrodes for good chemical compatibility.

C.a.p. ppm-3 co2 controller manual:

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