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Hello, does anyone have the instructions for a Harvest Maid Dehydrator please? Butter-Ball Have you checked the links given in one of the previous posts.

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I have the FD-500 model, but would be pleased to get hold of just about any instruction manual for recipe book for a Harvest Maid Dehydrator that has a variable temperature function. Here is the link to the company which is hydraflow and the dehydrator is now ezidry. Even another brand of the same type would be better than nothing, Thanks!

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Dehydrator Cookbook - Food Dehydrator Reviews and

Their contact details are there as well if you click on mail order you will get an orderfor and that includes a listing for the manual/recipe book for Harvest Maid. We have a huge garden and I'm ready to try (with apples starting to come off as well). This link [ which is in the message above yours Kerry has the information you want. i have a harvest maid dehydrator mod fd 300 that i ordered off ebay.

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Edible dates come from one species of date palm, Phoenix dactylifera, which grows in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11. In a dehydrator at 120 degrees, green dates would take about 32 hours to fully ripen.

Harvest maid snackmaker dehydrator manual:

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