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Each team has multiple classes as Grunt, Sneaker or Skyjockey, and if the team wishes to ren supreme, they must use the teams effectively as every class has it's own special ss.

Conkers Bad Fur Day Strategy Guide PDF.

The game is comprised of two different campans: The Future War, and The Old War.

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Orinal Australian PAL release (English language only) I removed and in order to make the iso just small enough to fit on a single layer DVD-R (thanks to isozone member jinn for this advice) Fully tested to play from DVD or HDD Burned with DVD Decrypter @ 4x to Verbatim DVD-R Complete with user manual & Prima game guide (pdf's), and box artwork & DVD artwork (jpegs) Winrar archive extracts to 4.49GB (iso is 4.37GB) Conker: Live & Reloaded is a combination of frantic online multiplayer action and a single-player mode, which is a remake of the orinal Conker's Bad Fur Day for Nintendo 64 with more detailed and technologiy advanced graphics, as well as re-recorded music.

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Conker now uses a baseball bat instead of the frying pan (his default weapon in the orinal).

Conker's bad fur day manual pdf:

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